The Canadian Numismatic Company is the leading dealers in collector coins, tokens and paper money in Canada. With several professional numismatists, we are able to help to all levels of collectors and investor clients.

Our professional numismatists are experts at dealing with estates, appraisals and private collections. In addition to direct sales through our Quebec offices The Canadian Numismatic Company has a national mail order collector base, and offers collector’s coins and currency up for sale in diverse numismatic Canadian and U.S. newspapers. Every year, The Canadian Numismatic Company conduct several auction sales and mail bid sales throughout the country. We have been actively buying and selling coins, banknotes and tokens since 1981.

If you are thinking of selling a collection, we have the expertise, resources and immediate market to buy your entire collection at the highest possible prices. We can either buy it outright or include it in our upcoming auction sale

Lots coming soon.

This auction is in preparation, lots will be viewable once they are ready.

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