The Prominence Sale - II Major Event

View the wide selection of items from tokens through Silver Dollars. Featuring in this sale are two extremely scarce small cent pieces, a 1921 ICCS MS-65 Red and a 1922 ICCS MS-65 Red, a 1947 Pointed Dot $1 in Choice Mint State-63 condition, an 1870 LCW 50 cents MS-63, an 1891 25 cents PCGS MS-65, a scarce 1935 $1 Small water Line variety in ICCS MS-65, an 1889 10 Cents in ICCS AU-55, a couple of 1906 & 1907 halves in Choice Mint State, a very rare 1982 $1 Upset Dies PCGS MS-66 which is top graded. Also, you will find in this sale, a nice selection of Maritime pieces, several Victorian, Edwardian and George V pieces in Choice to Gem condition. An attractive selection of Canadian Tokens is up for sale which includes some very scarce and unusual pieces. In addition, a superb selection of banknotes including errors and fancy numbered notes. A lovely and attractive 1935 $25 French Text in Choice About Uncirculated, a top graded 1906 $5 from The Eastern Townships Bank & a rare 1914 $20 from The Standard Bank.

351 lots out of 1320

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