The 2020 RCNA Auction

The first and second Sessions are highlighted by three attractive coin and banknote collections. The “Fort McMurray Collection” of Canadian Coins and banknotes, The “Gem Collection” Part II of Canadian banknotes, The “Paris Collection” Part III of Canadian Copper coins. Also featuring in this auction; a 1932 50 cents in Gem Uncirculated, a set of 1937 brass coins from The Paris Mint excluding the 50 cent piece. A superb N.B. 1861 1 cent Specimen-66, a N.S. ½ cent 1861 Mint State-66, several Gem Large cents graded Mint State-66, a 1955 NSF Mint State-64, an 1883H 5 cents in Gem Mint State-65, a 1903 5 cents in Superb Gem Mint State-67, an 1888 50 cents obverse 2 in Choice Mint State-63, a beautiful 1891 22 Leaves 10 cents in Gem Mint State-66+, a lovely 1910 50 cents Victorian Leaves in Mint State-64+, a stunning 1918 50 cents Mint State-66, an amazing 1929 50 cents graded Mint State-65+, a splendid 1953 LDSF 50 cents in PL-67 and so much more.

444 lots out of 1936

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